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Owner's Manual


Pull out plastic block-off (if present) from the crown and push the crown all the way in to position 1.

Time/Date Calibration

Pull out crown to position 3 and rotate to set the time.

Push/pull the crown to position 2 and rotate counter clockwise to advance the date (if equipped with date window).

Push the crown back to position 1 when calibration is complete.

Do not adjust the date between 9 pm and 1am to avoid potential damage to the movement.



The battery has a life of about 3 years. To replace battery, the caseback must be removed. It is recommended to replace and lubricate the gasket with a silicone based lubricant in order to ensure water resistance. Professional servicing is recommended.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is only guaranteed when the crown is pushed all the way in. It is not recommended to operate the crown when moisture is present on the watch. If excessive moisture is present inside the case, send the watch in for servicing immediately. Slight fogging may clear itself within a day. If fogging persists, send the watch in for servicing. Inspection and servicing of seals is recommended with every battery replacement for optimal performance.


Periodically clean your watch from dust, dirt, perspiration by wiping gently with a damp soft cloth. A mild soap is allowed to assist with cleaning. Avoid any harsh cleaners to prevent damage to the watch.

Operating Environment

If exposed to salt water, rinse off the watch with fresh, clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth to prevent corrosion.

Do not expose watch to temperatures lower than -10°c or higher than 60°c. Do not expose watch to strong magnetic fields, physical shocks, static electricity, or harsh chemicals (solvents, cleaners).


A 1 year limited warranty applies upon receipt of your watch. Visit our warranty & service section for more information and conditions.


Click here to download a PDF version of the owner's manual.